My name is Sergeenkova Irina.
I have been an American stuff terrier since 1997. Progenitor was a beautiful girl Brave Staff Christi. It has given many children, grandsons and the great-grandsons, which steels champions. From it I have left to myself very beautiful girl the Serenade which won time and again at exhibitions of different level.


From the Serenade I have left a daughter of mad beauty the Zvezdnaya Noch. It has simply surpassed all expectations and became the present star of an shows ring. All dogs have a nursery prefix “s Zelenogo Goroda” and I very much am proud of it.


In 2006 we had a small white miracle of breed west hailend terrier - Vestis Planet Yunona. It has brought in our house a lot of pleasure and fun and now at us the amicable company.



I hope you will be frequent visitors of our site.

Yours faithfully, Irina.


American Staffordshire Terrier